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Dandridge Info

Population: approximately 2,200 (2000 Census) – Dandridge is named in honor of President George Washington’s wife, Martha Dandridge Custis Washington, and is the only town by this name in the United States. Rich in history, it is the second oldest town in Tennessee and the seat of county government. Dandridge has an entire district listed on the national Register of Historic Places. With Douglas Lake going through its borders, it offers country club living, new subdivisions, traditional neighborhoods as well as scenic lakefront property. Easy access to other parts of the county and area are provided by highways US 25W-70, Hwy. 139, Hwy. 92 and Hwy. 66. Dandridge has the convenience of shopping, medical care, and a school system including elementary, middle school and high school.

School Information

The Jefferson County School System currently serves over 7,000 students in 10 attendance centers. There are five K-5 schools, two K-8 schools, two 6-8 schools, and one high school.

The mission of Jefferson County School District is to develop twenty-first century citizens who are well prepared socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and psychologically to live confidently in a technologically advanced multi-cultural society. Such a citizen will be values oriented, wellness conscious, career directed, competent in communications and problem solving, skillful and creative in critical thinking, culturally sophisticated and acutely aware of global interdependence. In Jefferson County, appreciation for our tradition involves recognition that only change can bring about progress. Our graduates go immediately into the work world, technical training, or to a college or university. Organizational and instructional restructuring in concert with parents and business partners is a way of life.

The success of Jefferson County Schools is the result of the dedication of our teachers and other staff members who are committed to providing a bright future for our young people. It is often said that the citizens of Jefferson County get an unusual value for the educational dollar.

CARSON-NEWMAN COLLEGE founded by the Baptists of East Tennessee in 1851 is a small, Christian campus where students have a sense of belonging. An enrollment of just over 2,200 allows students to interact closely with faculty.

US News and World Report has named Carson-Newman one of the South’s top ten regional liberal arts schools in a ranking based on academic reputation, student selection, faculty and financial resources, graduation rate, and alumni satisfaction. In its first annual “America’s Best Values” survey, the national publication also named C-N one of the south’s best educational values in providing “quality education at relatively reasonable cost” and one of the most efficient schools, a listing which reflects institutions’ spending on educational programs per student. Carson-Newman is the only regional liberal arts school in Tennessee to make all three listings. The college offers more than 50 professional programs in engineering, law, medical records administration, physical therapy, pharmacy, and other health sciences. C-N has one of the highest percentages among Baptist colleges of students going on to seminary, medical school, and graduate schools.

Art galleries, theaters, and a recital hall offer opportunities for students to exhibit their talents and participate in a variety of performing and visual arts. The speech and debate team is nationally ranked. The Chinese Cross-Culural Institute and the London Semester offer international exposure to C-N students. A new campus computer network, rivaled by only a few colleges and universities in the nation, links the entire campus to advanced information technology.


Tax Info

Property Tax:
Rate per 100% Value $2.29
Residential 25% of Value
Commercial 40% of Value
Personal 30% of Value
Assessed Valuation (04/05) $3,010,597,256
School Tax None
Sales 2.75%
Hotel/Motel Tax 4%
Inventory Tax Raw Materials Only
Sales Tax: 9.25%
Income Tax:
Personal 6% on Interest and Dividends Only
(Exise) 6% of Net Earnings
Franchise Tax: 25% per $100 of Capital Property

Unemployment Tax: 2.7% of first $7,000

Church Information

Assembly of God Assembly of God Baptist
Free Will Baptist Church of the Brethren Church of God
Catholic Independent Baptist Episcopal
Church of Christ Christian Missions
Nazarene Non-Denominational Lutheran
Presbyterian Seventh-Day Adventist Society of Friends
United Methodist

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